Oxidised Forever Love Jhumkas

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The best gift for her, this Bestseller Combo is a combo of 18 elegant Jhumkas every girl must have!!

We have handpicked the best-selling designs of jhumkas to make a value-packed combo for you .

It Contains 18 Jhumka Combo as follows :

1)Golden Hanging Flower Jhumka
2) Gorgeous Golden Sunflower Jhumka
3) Beautiful Peacock Gold Jhumka
4) Afghani Golden Leaf Jhumka
5) Beautiful Golden Silver Mirror Jhumka
6) Gorgeous Dancing Peacock Jhumka

7) Beautiful oxidized sunflower jhumkas
8) Afghani oxidized leaf jhumka
9) Beautiful oxidised dome jhumka
10) Bohemain oxidised moon jhumka
11) Oxidised forever love jhumka
12) Afghani oxidized half-moon jhumka

13) Beautiful Pink Flower Mini Jhumkas
14) Gorgeous Round Blue Jhumkas
15) Alluring Hanging Flower Jhumkas
16) Afghani White Leaf Jhumkas
17) Gorgeous Red Sunflower Jhumkas
18) Afghani Green Half Moon Jhumkas

Also, you get 4 Free Ring with the Combo which is adjustable size (can fit any finger) :

  1. The Love Styled Hug Ring
  2. Double-Hearted Silver Ring
  3. Stone Embedded Double Flower Ring
  4. Rainbow Ring

Keep the earrings in the provided packets after use. These jhumkas take a long process to make and are made using special polish for the sparkle that they have.

Match these jhumkas with different kurtis and lehengas!! Steal the show with the best looks that add to your beauty!!

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So good

So I received the parcel today and OH MY GOD!! These are definitely better than my expectation. I am totally in love with these. And those free gifts 😍😍 Thankyou so much. The best thing is that they are exactly as you have shown them on your website. Consider me your permanent customer now 💯


I’m just overwhelmed with them😍!Thanks FUBS💗!! I’d like to receive a reply from your Instagram account where I’ve already given a detailed expression about the earrings!



So I bought this for someone special and she just loved it !! The smile she had on her face when she opened the gift and saw the earrings is all what I Wanted . I wish I had made video so I could have shared it with you guys . Thank you so much !!

Darshan M.


My Wife loved it. Thanks FUBS


You are the one!!

I've to say you guys are the one. The right one I've been waiting for. The moment I saw your packaging, That was so considerate to provide such a beautiful box!! Loved it 😍